Q: What do I do with clothing, curtains, bedding?

A: These should be bagged in advance, ready for collection (preferably in one room).

Q: What do I do with collectables, glass, kitchen ware ….pots, pans, and small electrical items?

A: you will need to box them securely in advance, ready for collection (preferably in one room)

Q: Will you take everything in the house?

A: yes we will.

Q: Will you empty sheds, outhouses,  and garages?

A: yes we will but additional charges may apply, so please check.

Q: Do you take fridges, cookers, microwaves, freezers, washing and drying machines?

A: yes - but they will need to be disconnected from the gas or electricity supply, ready for collection. Speak to us in advance if you foresee a problem with disconnection, and we can usually resolve this.

Q: What if I cannot attend the property on the day?

A: That’s fine, as long as we can gain access, you can also nominate a neighbour if you wish.

Q: What happens if I ring/contact you today, which is the easiest way?

A: We will arrange an initial inspection within 24-48 hours – phone / e-mail or on-line are all very quickly answered.


Q: Are your staff trained, insured and licensed, to carry and dispose of waste legally?

A: Our team are fully trained in manual handling techniques, and collect 6 days a week all year round. We are a licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency and are fully insured. Provided you have followed our guidelines set out in this leaflet there should be very limited possibilities for any problems to arise.

Q: What if there are any hazardous materials?

A: These should be identified, and discussed at our initial visit if possible as this will affect costs significantly.


Q: Where do you take the saleable items, and what about items you cannot re-sell?

A: Potentially saleable items will be routed to our shops, and all profits donated to Mary Stevens Hospice. For unsaleable items we will ethically recycle at our centre what we are able, and pay to legally dispose of any remainder.

Q: Do we have to help you on day of clearance?

A: you can be present if you wish, but we will do all the work.

Q: Do I get a receipt, and can I assess the work to my satisfaction?

A:  Yes

Q: What size vehicles do you use, and will I have a skip outside?

A: We would normally use our L.W.B. transit vans to transport everything away.


Q: Roughly how much will it cost, and how do you decide?

A: Our project manager or team leader, will arrange a suitable time with you on site to give you a written quote. This will vary dependant on quantity,size and type of items, ease of access, but allowance will be given for saleable items.

Q: How and when can I pay?

A: You can pay by card / cash or cheque in advance before, or on the day of collection.

Q How long does it take to organise?

A: We will try and take account of your specific needs, but usually 1-2 weeks would be normal.

M.S.H. Trading Ltd is a  registered limited company in England and Wales 02648133, and is licensed with the environment agency to legally transport and dispose of waste materials. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mary Stevens Hospice - Registered Charity 517656.