Making preparations

  • Make sure access to the property, doors and driveways are clear, and any potential trip hazards are minimised
  • The more  you do the less you will pay, so by bagging , boxing  and bringing items down stairs  what  you can will save us time, and you money.
  • You could also bring small furniture items downstairs to save time.
  • If you need sheds, outhouses and garages clearing you could box and bag what you can this also saves time.
  • If there is anything that  you, your family or friends want to keep it is best you have this removed from the property by the day of your clearance. 
  • Make sure all appliances and white goods to be taken are disconnected safely.

After  you have received your quote you have up to 30 days to decide before you will need to be re-quoted. We can carry out your clearance  most of the time within 7 to 10 days of quote. We currently prefer to operate this service on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9.30 a.m. but we can be somewhat flexible to suit your needs if this is problematic. In most cases we would aim to be finished by midday.

M.S.H. Trading Ltd is a  registered limited company in England and Wales 02648133, and is licensed with the environment agency to legally transport and dispose of waste materials. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mary Stevens Hospice - Registered Charity 517656.